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The Penance List will be made as a very stylish contemporary thriller. It is also a human drama – emotionally charged, with a strong comedy element. My job as director is to weave all these strands together into an original filmic tapestry.

I will deal sensitively with controversial aspects of the book: we really do try and get into the mind of the killer and understand his heart-wrenchingly poignant transition from innocent child to serial rapist.

The sex scenes will be hot and erotic but filmed in a classy and sensual style. I have an extensive musical background and music will be an integral part of the film. We plan to use new and vibrant cutting edge music, which will also enhance the narrative and take the viewer on a deep emotional journey.

The key locations of Chelsea, Home Counties public school and Ravello on the Amalfi coast are a marvellous backdrop for the lead characters – production design and wardrobe will be classy and stylish to reflect this. Themes of sex and murder will be handled in the tradition of ‘auteur’ cinema which harks back to some of the great French New Wave directors like Claude Chabrol. However in sharp contrast to this movement there will be no hand-held guerrilla techniques and no compromising on the film crew in this picture.

We plan to have a DOP of the finest calibre to capture visually all the moods of the film – and other experienced and noteworthy departmental heads – in sound, production design and music.

Rick Friend – October 2010

CUNNINGHAM having produced music to film for 8yrs, writes with film in mind, believing music to be a lead character. ‘The Penance List’ is being adapted for film – a stylish sexy psychologicl thriller

… Murder, Mayhem & Martinis

… He loved being him, he got away with murder…
… She loved being her, until she met him…

The power of sex, its misuse & ripple effect, from the beaches of Mexico & Somerset Quantocks Hills to the glitterati of London & Cliffs of Amalfi Coast, the sordid underbelly of models, priests, footballers, paedophiles, prostitutes & celebrity press. What starts as child abuse, spurned love & a cherubic choirboy’s deal with the Devil, culminates in kidnap, murder & revenge. David turns from virgin to sexual tour de force, from mummy’s boy to psychotic killer, from God to a deal with the Devil. He stalks, humiliates & absolves the sins of those he blames. Magnetic, predatory, bi sexual, he wreaks havoc in the name of justice


CUNNINGHAMs skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humour & pulsating sex scenes, has you laughing out loud one minute & shaking with fear the next

CUNNINGHAM has worked in the celebrity driven worlds of; music, fashion, media & sport, mixed with rock stars, royalty, models, footballers & maverick moguls. She has crossed the paths of stalkers, divorce courts & a serial killer. Has witnessed the power of money, lust, fear, drugs & fame first hand. Her diverse life, quick witted honesty & sense of fair play afford her novels a level of authority & sincerity rare in fiction


CUNNINGHAM, a former model, has worked in music (ex hubby, Raf Ravenscroft played sax; Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, ‘Baker St’), football (Chelsea FC & SFX agents for David Beckham), horseracing’s elite (The Jockey Club, HM The Queen, Patron), Golf (Ryder Cup) & with an Int’l Child Charity. Currently writes thrillers/children’s/celeb biogs (Getty Images), is co producing ‘The Penance List’ movie.

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  1. ”Hi Siobhan, I love the idea for this book, a list of people being crossed off. Some powerful and emotional writing with bags of tension. A classic psychological thriller. Loved it.” Author, D P W.

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