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Ginormous Joe Series

From the ‘Ginormous Joe’ series

Ginormous Joe's Broken Bark by S C Cunningham

 Stunningly illustrated childrens picture book.

Ginormous Joe is a big, white, huggable, cross-eyed dog, owned by Nasty Nik. Nik mistreats his dog, kicking him when he barks, so eventually Joe loses his confidence and his bark.  Nik abandons his ‘useless’ dog on the streets. The kind Tuttle family rescue him and with plenty of love, hugs and humour, bring him back to health.

We look at life through Joe’s eyes, ‘why does Mrs Tuttle pick up my poos with a plastic bag, what does she do with it all?’, ‘why do the Tuttles changes their clothes every day? I have one white fur coat and it suits me just fine’.

His best friend, Mary Tuttle, helps him through the embarrassment of being the size of a lion, but having the bark of a mouse. Other dogs laugh at him; he is fed up and feels useless. Mary gives him love, hugs and courage.  When a burglar comes to the house, imagine Joe’s surprise to discover it is Nasty Nik… love mends his broken bark.

Cunningham writes thriller novels and celebrity biographys, as respite she produces the ‘Ginormous Joe’ Series with her artist daughter Scarlett Raven, based on the true story of a lovable rescue dog they once helped to nurture back to life.

Ginormous Joe is an uplifting, good wins over evil, series of picture books for children and a ‘must have’ for Scarlett Raven collectors.  A percentage of sales goes to dog rescue, thus allowing Joe to help save others like him.

Joe has become a celebrity, visiting schools and libraries as children read his books.

Ginormous Joe & Author S C Cunningham

Ginormous Joe & Author S C Cunningham

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