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Siobhan C Cunningham, born in Surrey, educated in Berkshire,  has her roots firmly planted in Eire.

A former model, she was once married to acclaimed musician Raf Ravenscroft, whose stellar career included providing the saxophone solo for Gerry Rafferty‘s  ‘Baker Street’ and the Pink Floyd.

Cunningham has worked extensively in both the music and sport industries, notably for Chelsea Football Club and the management company responsible for the careers of David Beckham, Michael Owen, John Terry, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

After a five year stint with horse racing’s elite at The Jockey Club she has focused the past ten years on her passion for writing and film.

Cunningham lives in London with her artist daughter Scarlett Raven (whose supporters include; musicians Take That, Roxy Music, footballer Matthew Upson, Chairman of Lonhro, Live Nation HQ, Conservative MP, actor Orlando Bloom) .

Author of The David Trilogy, S C Cunningham

  1. Reader review: ‘This reminds me a little of American Psycho only so very much better! You are a talented writer and I was compelled to keep reading and now I’m frustrated because I WANT MORE!” – Authonomy, Harper Collins

  2. ‘A thrilling dark mystery with twists and turns galore, you will be on the edge of your seat, or with all of the lights on in your house when immersed in this novel. I’m a grandmother, so some of the subjects were a bit intense, but the well written story really held my interest. I can hardly wait for the following two books’…. Pat, Amazon Review, Dallas Tx, USA.

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