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Reviews of DAVID The Penance List


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‘Unfinished Business’ is every bit as good as ‘The Penance List’. You did not disappoint. Well done’

‘A hard-hitting, forceful narrative that is about as powerful as anything I’ve seen, writing doesn’t get much better than this. This book is hard to ignore and damn near impossible to stop reading’

‘Bravo! Cunningham artfully weaves a compelling tapestry of murder, mayhem, and Martinis’

‘Delicious and salacious, this novel offers a new twist on the modern romance and the classic psychological thriller’

‘My God you shocked my shoes off. Excellent work! ‘

‘I raise a glass, I’d love to meet anyone who writes like this. Blown away to the point of speechless. Shocking, vivid and bloody well written!!’

‘Have to say the book is fabulous … I’m pretending it’s not my cup of tea as supposedly a girlie read but for boys too, genuinely brilliant!’  

‘God I loved your book! It was intense, great narration, and wonderful dialogue’

‘Wow this is powerful and vivid. It is nice to see someone writing in the thriller/romance genre, your contrast between the horror and the chick lit is fabulous. Several interwoven stories and delving into the past make this an interesting read’

‘I just love it, can’t put it down, I really like the way you write’

‘I must applaud you for the wonderful vivid descriptions, your characterization is perfect, intuitively observed. You came up with an amazing setting and an intriguing plot to go with it. By the smooth flow of your writing, wittiness, effective dialogue, and descriptions, you did an excellent job taking me along the ride in what proved to be a compelling read’

‘Wow! What an exciting author, bring on book two and three. This sex fuelled thriller is not one to be read by your parents…but a great read and I’d highly recommend it. Murders, sex, London girls, a beautiful psychopath and a hot blooded Italian footballer, this book has it all’

‘This is an incredibly powerful piece of writing. Few could make a man they’d already shown as a monster into an object of pity. This is masterful, dark and suspenseful writing, with you expertly exploiting tensions between the erotic and the macabre,  your characterisation of David is phenomenal’

‘Your prologue grabs the reader and doesn’t give us a chance to catch our breath. Right of the bat with naked bodies – ready to be cut – drugs – we know something very strange is happening here’

‘I wholeheartedly back this. You know how to elicit exactly the reaction you want readers to feel. That’s an awesome gift’

 ‘The conversations on sex will keep anyone’s attention as we gladly listen, fly on the wall. Your narrator is top rate. You’ve managed to do what I’ve seen very few people do – give your narrator a personality. That gives this a tone / mood – sometimes tense and scary and sometimes light. How could one not be drawn into their conversation with the creepy “clicks” going on in the background’ 

‘You’ve given us a reason for David’s behaviour, not an excuse, a very scary character. Giving us his background provides some clues to why he’s so sick, this draws us in. You’ve written a very engaging book. It’s hard to stop reading it – I’m backing this one without a doubt’

‘I hadn’t seen this book before today. Where have I been? OMG!’

‘Compelling, it shows the genesis of the devil and yet he is sympathetic. I read whole chapters without taking a single breath, which is most unusual for me’

‘My God! Good for you!  You are one gutsy broad!!!!  Think about selling this one to Hollywood!’ 

‘This reminds me a little of American Psycho only so very much better! You are a talented writer and I WANT MORE!’

 ‘You’re a seriously good writer. Twisted, dark, nasty, but excellently written, the characterisation and dialogue reads like a dream’

 ‘A riveting tale filled with colorful characters, suspenseful sequences, and titillating twists’

‘A fabulous read for those who dare!’

‘My goodness you pull no punches, do you. I appreciate good writing when I read it’

‘A really good read preferably in daylight!  One minute horrified the next laughing out loud; I finished the book covered in goose bumps’

‘Couldn’t put it down – a real page turner. Nicely crafted and highly unusual format with all the threads coming together right at the end. In a category all of its own, would make a great film. I look forward to the sequels. Well done’

‘The Penance List, I’m loving it!’

‘The Penance List is a compelling novel. Even though the read is 470 pages, I found myself snatching it up every chance I could, wanting to see what David would do next. The book is dark, naughty…sometimes downright nasty. Cunningham will hold your attention to the very end’

‘This reminds me a little of American Psycho only so very much better! You are a talented writer and I was compelled to keep reading and now I’m frustrated because I WANT MORE! I’d not only buy this but I’d buy it for friends!! BACKED 100%’

 ‘It’s very clear that you put your craft at the service of creating emotional tension; anger, fear, even the poignancy of destroying that which could have flourished between a man and a woman. You quickly grab the reader and I have to confess, I became a part-time voyeur’ 

 ‘Your opening paragraph starts out erotic and becomes disturbing, quite an achievement in three sentences. Your writing is bold and delivers the narrative quickly and simply, a compelling read, well-constructed’

‘A thrilling dark mystery with twists and turns galore, you will be on the edge of your seat, or with all of the lights on in your house when immersed in this novel. I’m a grandmother, so some of the subjects were a bit intense, but the well written story really held my interest. I can hardly wait for the following two books’

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