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Press Release for DAVID The Penance List

Author of The David Trilogy, S C Cunningham

Author of The David Trilogy, S C Cunningham

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Press Release;  DAVID ‘The Penance List’  by S C Cunningham (Book II of The David Trilogy)

A visceral account of the corruptive power of sex and one man’s murderous rampage.
S C Cunningham’s debut novel ushers in a high-octane world of glamour, obsession and pure evil in this summer’s most libidinous thriller.

Life for a select group of London’s glitterati is about to change forever. Their indulgent serenity will be torn asunder because of their unfortunate connection to a man called David. David will seduce them, ruin them and wreck the lives of their friends and family in order to satisfy his desire for revenge, at any cost. They will be lucky to escape with their lives.

David is a damaged idol, a vision of beauty and perfection that masks a dark heart and a tortured soul. Having been brutalised as child at the hands of his school headmaster, he has a distorted world view and a cold disregard for human emotion. He is also a sexual tour de force, bending his victims to his will through his salaciousness, while being consumed by an almost carnal need to exact his own brand of justice. Three Chelsea girls, a Premiership footballer, an ex-army chauffeur and a secretly gay photographer will be his first victims in this warped quest to dominate those he meets.

S C Cunningham’s provocative debut novel David: The Penance List is a graphically violent examination of the indiscriminate nature of evil and the abuse of the power of sex. It’s a brave, terrifying and pulsating read fuelled by Cunningham’s first rate storytelling, astonishingly intense sex scenes and a throbbing, sinister tension. S C Cunningham’s own life experiences — she has twice crossed the paths of serial killers (unscathed) — afford David: The Penance List a level of authority and sincerity rare in fiction. This is the first book in Cunningham’s The David Trilogy series, which will follow her captivating psychopath David as he stalks the movements of London’s showbiz class, offering an ambitious and exciting thriller set to inject new life into the fiction market. She exposes the baseless lives of Londoners captivated by fame and fortune and shows how easily anyone of us can be seduced by money, sex and celebrity. David: The Penance List will be followed by Unfinished Business and For My Sins, which complete The David Trilogy.

About the author: Siobhan Cunningham was born in Surrey, educated in Berkshire and has her roots firmlyplanted in Eire. A former model, she was once married to acclaimed musician Raf Ravenscroft, whose stellar career included providing the saxophone solo for Gerry Raffertys ‘Baker Street’ and working with the Pink Floyd.

Cunningham has worked extensively in both the music and sport industries, notably for Chelsea Football Club and the management company responsible for the careers of David Beckham, Michael Owen, John Terry and Alan Shearer… alongside the infamous Rebecca Loos.

After a five year stint with horseracing’s elite at The Jockey Club she decided to focus on her passion for writing. Cunningham lives in London with her artist daughter Scarlett Raven. Supporters of Scarlett’s work include Take That, the manager of ‘Queen’, Conservative MP, Live Nation HQ, Chairman of Lonhro, England footballer Mathew Upson and actor Orlando Bloom.

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  1. Review today; ”Hi Siobhan, I love the idea for this book, a list of people being crossed off. Some powerful and emotional writing with bags of tension. A classic psychological thriller. Loved it.” Author, D P Walker.

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