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S C Cunningham
Author of The David Trilogy


“Boy, if anyone can write about sex this lady can! It’s a complete turn on from start to finish – I’m ashamed to say even the sadistic bits have erotic appeal – and no writer’s ever done that for me before!! I love the characters – they involve you straight away and the plot keeps you hooked right to the end…. what end? I’m going to read the next two parts of the trilogy as soon as I can get hold of them.You’re a very brave lady Ms Cunningham, and I love what you’ve done: you’ve somehow given us all the things we want to read about in one. It makes you shiver, it makes you laugh out loud, it intrigues you, it arouses you… you don’t feel guilty lapping up the horror because the characters in one way or another seem to deserve it (or get their revenge for it). No, I’d be happy ‘hanging out’ with those girls and fantasising about that sex. Mmmmm!!!
AMAZON BOOKS 5.0 out of 5 stars Giving sex a bad name by JI

KHND Radio Interview

had a fun interview last night on KHND 1470 Radio with Chris Wakefield, “Into the Night”, thnkx Chris, thought inspiring questions….

Review: ‘Unfinished Business’

”Unfinished Business is every bit as good as The Penance List. You did not disappoint. Well done. Cheers”
Andrew B, Author

Murder Mayhem & Martinis

**Film Investment Development Package for ‘The Penance List’ available Dec 2010 **

The Penance List






**Film Investment Development Package for ‘The Penance List’ available Dec 2010 **


**Film Package for ‘The Penance List’ available**

Penance the Movie


The David Trilogy by S C Cunningham

Book Review

”Unfinished Business’ is every bit as good as ‘The Penance List’. You did not disappoint. Well done… Author, Harper Collins Authonomy